The End

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

It takes courage to speak plainly, and rarely do I do so except when answering an honest question. Writings here have been no question's response but rather the effects of a mindful notion or a heartfelt emotion. The two often fused in abstract incoherence, metaphorical conceptions attempting to incite gainful comprehension. Alas, the inkwell is dry, and each letter remains evidence of an ambition guiltily forsaken. To be and to be better. To live and to live better. To serve and to serve better.

May the One who guides guide me. May the One who forgives forgive me. May life's purpose be realized and vain endeavours cease to exist. May truth be our companion and sincerity our goal. May Allah - the One deserving of all praise and loyal servitude, our sustainer and provider -  guide us to good, protect us from all evils, and make our final moment of life be our sweetest. Guide the believers to You and Your good pleasure ya Rabb, and please protect us from the evils of ourselves and others, ameen.

اللهم لك كل الحمد و كل الشكر....اللهم امتنا على دينك الاسلام